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Translate text with Microsoft Bing Translate API
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Translate text using the Bing Translate API


Translate your texts using Microsoft's Bing Translation services HTTP API

The code is based on the one provided by Microsoft at the documentation, prepared for composer. In two lines, you can have a translation service working!

Before working with the code, get your Access Token, using your MSN account. More info:

Don't get confused with the clientID. It's not the Customer ID nor your account key. The clientID is the text (possibly your app name or some plain-language text) that you specified when registering your application. You can view your client id

There is a free data tier of 2 million characters per month. Check if you haven't used yet your monthly limit:


With Composer

The easiest way to install is via composer. Create the following composer.json file and run the php composer.phar install command to install it.

    "require": {
        "gidkom/ms-translator": "dev-master"

then the code

include "vendor/autoload.php";

$client_id = 'abc';
$client_secret = 'xyz';

$mt = new Gidkom\MsTranslator\MsTranslator($client_id, $client_secret);

//Translate to single language
$from  = 'en';
$to = 'fr';
return $mt->translate('Hello world', $to, $from);

// To auto detect language leave out the $from argument
return $mt->translate('Hello world', $to);

Translate to multiple languagues 
$from = 'en';
$to= ['fr', 'de'];
return $mt->multiTranslate('Hello world', $to, $from);

for a list of all supported languages and codes go to public/ms-translator-language-codes.txt